The phdR&D campus provides companies with the ability to test its products in a controlled real-world dairy environment, providing a balance between farm and university-based trials. By testing at phdR&D your product receives the authority and verified proof that it will work for your customers.

The 800-cow, 1,200-acre dairy farm gives you the opportunity to replicate real-world scenarios, a highly unique attribute for controlled dairy research. The data and results you receive from your research at phdR&D will give both you and your customers confidence in the product and its claims.


Each trial is designed to meet your needs. Our team tailors everything from specific space, timelines, and cows for you.


phdR&D is a quality facility with immediate access to quality animals and equipment.


Ultimately, we’re dairy people. We’re committed to helping you make sure your products are safe and effective in an environment that mimics a working dairy.

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