Venues and Services

The research space features three unique venues for testing tailored to the specific needs of each client.

In addition to a variety of venue options, phdR&D provides essential services such as trial design, statistical analysis and interpretation of data for practical industry application. phdR&D leverages in-house and consultative resources to package your data so that it is prepared for distribution across all levels of understanding in formats ranging from presentations to manuscripts and white papers to conference proceedings.

Bio Control

The BioControl feeding system facilitates supplementation of each individual cow. In addition to 3-times daily milking, and weighing after each milking, the BioControl feeding system permits a deeper understanding of feeding behavior with feedbunk visits per day, daily eating time, meal size, and rumination.

Metabolism Stalls

Metabolism trials are ideal for pilot studies and experiments requiring frequent sampling.


Pen are the model for large studies where applicability of results to commercial dairies are of utmost importance. Cows are housed in pens with sand-bedded freestalls where pen is the experimental unit.

Outdoor Hutches

Hutch trials are designed for calf research on wet calves from birth through weaning with the ability to track performance through the growth phase and production after calving.

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